Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jim Gibbons is ready for another letter...

We're all feeling the crunch of the economic downturn. So, I guess I wasn't at all surprised when I read this article in the online edition of the Las Vegas Sun:

"Carson City — Gov. Jim Gibbons will propose state workers, schoolteachers and university employees take a 6 percent pay cut in the budget he will unveil next week, according to sources with knowledge of the plan.

The move is part of a spending plan that Gibbons’ staff has admitted will be painful to enact, but one that keeps the governor’s pledge not to raise taxes."

Now, being an educator, you'd probably think that this would be the point that I start spewing vitriol about how underpaid teachers are, how devastating this would be, etc. etc. However, I can definitely see both sides of the argument. Check out the comments from that article and thread, there are good and bad ideas from both sides. I will say this. Personally, I believe education can take some ques from business, but inherently, the enterprise is different. While business is slowing, necessitating layoffs/pay cuts, there is no commensurate slowing of what we do in education. In fact, with the 120 million that will be slashed in CCSD's budget next year, that is almost assuredly more work for teachers for less pay. However, having already seen several of my friends take paycuts, I do know I'm no better than them.

On a personal note, I do believe that we do not need to quibble about whether Gibbons is governing the state of Nevada from the left or the right. I have no doubt his executive decisions come straight from the center, with his head firmly rooted up his...well, you know. I feel another letter coming on...

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