Monday, April 21, 2008

My new favorite blog

With all respect to the rest of the interwebs, I have to give the "M. Stephen Hendricks Technical Achievement Award For the Internet Excellence" (a prestigious award, not to be taken lightly) to my friend Jamie Huston. If you want a little bit of everything, from biting (and almost always spot on) political critiques, to entertaining musings, to good eats, this is your one stop interwebs buffet. I have spent the last hour and a half perusing the fledgling blog's archive, and found myself wanting to, in this order 1) eat Greek food 2) lament the fall of Western civilization 3) create a list of my favorite things. Well done, good sir, well done. You may find his blog at:

Drop him a line, and let him know that The Milo sent you.

Who am I even talking to, no one is reading this thing. Jamie, send ME some traffic...

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