Thursday, February 19, 2009

Immediately Watch: Burn Notice

I love 24. I'm not here to dog on it. But hear me out for a minute. You've seen, what, 5 or 6 seasons of it now, right? And you've heard every Jack Bauer joke (which are just derivitives of Chuck Norris jokes). AND you are watching this season, with satisfaction, but that unshakable feeling of having seen it before.
Sound like you? If not, navigate away. If it is, start watching Burn Notice now.
My brother in law turned me on to this show, and I was very skeptical. A cable series? Was I going to become one of those people? Yes, yes I was.
I don't really want to do an entire technical synopsis, so if you want the nitty gritty, check here. Michael Westen is a spy who uses his expertice to make money on odd jobs while trying to find out who burned him. He also serves as the shows narrator, explaining all the cool spy stuff he's doing. You should also know that Bruce Campbell (of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness fame) is his beer drinking best friend, and their chemistry is perfect.
The locale is fresh, the premise is fun and never too heavy, the plots are clever if not ingenious, and much like my previous post, this show is fun. I'm not telling you to drop 24 by any means, we're all happy Jack is back, but find a place to squeeze in Burn Notice. You'll thank me.

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Treona said...

I agree and disagree. I agree with your comments on 24. It is a fabulous show but now that it is season 6, or 7, it has gotten to the point of being predictable. It's now no surprise when Jack get's swept up with a girl, or kills a threatening person, etc, etc. Nonetheless, I will still watch the whole series.

However, I disagree with burn notice. My opinion may be premature but I did watch it once and I was not impressed. Maybe it's a show that you have to watch a copule of times in order to understand the characters and flow of the show. But after one episode I wasn't hooked.

But, since you are the one who hooked us on 24 I will assume that Burn Notice is worth it and will take the suggestion to try it again.

On a side note...I love your clip on facebook to promote your spanish class. You are an awesome teacher for doing that!!